Seasonal beauty tips you didn’t know you needed

Halloween is over. So, does the season of pumpkin right? Well, that is where you are wrong. Pumpkins can do a lot more than just taking part in some beverages or your Halloween decorations. In recent days, pumpkins are reigning in the field of beauty products too. And for good reasons. Pumpkins can be used as face masks, moisturisers and what not. Pumpkins are a good source of vitamins and minerals, and they can do wonders not only to your Halloween decorations but also to your skin too.

Did you ever think a veggie you used only for some beverages and creepy Halloween decoration, can do wonders to your skin? Well, let’s see why pumpkins are worth giving a try and a few more products to look for.

Au Naturel AHAs

If you want to remove the lead of that can cells from your face AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) can do wonders. AHAs like glycolic and salicylic acids are great to remove your dead skin cells from your skin. The can even deal with acne and lightening acne scars. But in case you do not like the idea of putting synthetic acids to your skin or in case they don’t work for you, you can give pumpkins a try. They can provide you with some of the benefits in a natural way.

Pumpkins can help you out with most of your skin problems. Dermatologists say that pumpkins are a rich source of AHAs that can turn your skin brighter and smoother.   This turnover other benefit, especially if your skin breaks out fast. AHAs are an amazing exfoliating agent. It helps you with anti-aging, can reduce your fine lines too. It even deals with acne-blackheads and whiteheads too.

Pumpkins are a rich source of vitamins too.

Pumpkins are full of nutritional values. One of the top benefits of pumpkins is that they are full of Vitamin A, C and even zinc. Thus, it is great to use it on your skin too. Well as we know, vitamin A is an effective acne indeed. Even experts recommend vitamin A instead of Accutane as it is a derivative of Vitamin A. Even studies have proved that pumpkins are useful for blackheads and whiteheads. Pumpkins offer benefits on inflammation problems of the skin.

The antioxidant properties in pumpkin can even slow down ageing too.

If redness is concerned the zinc in pumpkin will help you too. Pumpkins contain zinc. This will help you to reduce redness.

Some pumpkin products: –

  You can use pumpkin pulp for your skin health too. The best thing about it is, you can directly apply it in your face. Or you can make a DIY mask with pumpkin pulp, by adding some more skin-friendly products like egg-yolk or honey. Well if experimenting is not your thing, you can try some pumpkin products instead. We are listing some of the products below. Choose as per your need. You can shop via to get stunning deals and offers.

  • Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask: – Fuel experts recommend this product as it contains real pumpkin. One of two-time usage in a week of this product can make your complexion bright. This product contains aluminium crystals which will help you to unclog pored and get you and evenly toned skin.
  • MyChelle pumpkin renews cream: – this is a lightweight moisturiser and cream at the same time. The pro bowl is made with pumpkin seed oil and contains mega antioxidants. It will protect you from environmental stresses and will hydrate your skin at the same time too. In winter use it twice a day, but make sure to follow up with an SPF.
  • Too Cool for School Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask: – if you do not want to spend much on these pumpkin-influenced products, and still want to get benefited. Well, this product is the perfect one for you. It will hydrate your skin and leave it positively dewy. It will make you feel refreshed. Plus, the “24k magic” is also there to brighten up your face too.
  • Glo Skin Beauty Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub: – scrubs are too harsh to your skin? Well, give this gentler version a try then. It is safe no matter what your skin type is. In addition to that, it contains Aloe Vera, Root Oil, Ginger and Honey that will not hurt you while scrubbing and will brighten up your complexion at the same time.

Pumpkins are one of the best seasonal beauty tips you didn’t know until now. Most of us make Halloween decorations make beverages with it, and that’s it. Well now as you read this article, you will not do the same things anymore. The vegetable you thought was spooky, is going to help you with your beauty too.