With the introduction of E-Commerce in the business world, the mindset of customers in an aspect of shopping things has been changed completely. E-Commerce has made so much growth and advancement that success is with everyone doing business through e-commerce. With increasing popularity of online shopping, customers are now preferring to sit at home and order for their thing and get it delivered to their doorstep without any sort of tension or problem. Business has been extensively benefitted by these platforms. Pre assuming the needs and requirements of customers will lead a business to pre-define the categories and offers carved specially for their customers has helped this business to grow.In order to make a business successful, all one has to do is satisfy the customer by anticipating things that they are looking for. Keeping a view about the taste and preference and the amount they can spend, a business can be successful and grow with no time. Nowadays, unique and exciting ways are being used by different e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Shopify etc. Even one can see that Amazon has revolutionized the complete e-commerce platform by providing things that a customer can`t just think off. With so many changes in the e-commerce world, Shopify Apps has also launched ‘Skip Cart’ to ease the process of check out from the website.

The ‘Skip Cart’ by Shopify App works in a way that when the customer chooses the products he is interested in, he can easily add the items to his cart and continue the shopping and when he feels like it is enough and is now ready for checkout. Without going on shopping cart page, he will be redirected to the checkout page; thus, saving time for him to check out easily and get his products delivered at the door step. This app has really created a lot of buzz in the e-commerce sector as this is the revolutionary idea of making a customer feel easy while shopping and checking out.It has been observed that the simpler the checkout process, the better rate of conversions of customers and leads in sales. Customers can lose their interest in shopping when it comes to checkout page as they were asked to see and visualize a lot of things and were also asked to add different details in order to get the product delivered. But all this has been cut down by the efforts of Shopify App as their new app ‘Skip Cart’ is now taking care of customers nicely and providing a seamless shopping experience to them. This step is proved to be a revolution because, in a research conducted by Baymard Institute in Copenhagen, it has been seen that a customer can be turned negative if he founds uneasy shopping experience. Moreover, most of the shopping cart page has been abandonment by top companies that have lead them to reach a conclusion that if the business companies wanted the customer to feel easy during shopping checkout process, then they had to remove this page.