The FOD*Boss is an innovative airfield sweeper that performs effectively in clearing air fields and other hard surfaces of the debris that can cause flat tires, get sucked into high powered engines, or blown by jet streams into the area where personnel are working. It is simple, flexible, versatile, and easy to store. However, there are some procedures in using the FOD*Boss that will help ensure that both the device and those using it can maintain good conditions and safe work areas. Exercising good sense in using your FOD sweeper will save money, prevent injury, and keep work specs up to standard. For FOD safety consider these points:

What To Do

A single person can attach, use, and empty the FOD*Boss. Using the hitches available, anyone can attach one, two, or three sweepers for a broader sweep range and more efficient coverage of the field. Each sweeper covers 8 feet/ 2.4m in width which can add up to 24 feet/ 7.3 m of coverage behind the vehicle. This is a device that can safely get in as close to parked aircraft as the vehicle pulling it. Using the FOD app which is available will assist an operator in maintaining a regular pattern of sweeping to gain the fullest advantage of the sweeper. Empty the sweeper regularly so that it is not weighed down by debris and can sweep effectively.

What Not To Do

Please don’t stand on your FOD*Boss. Don’t find some way to ride around on it taking social media videos. While the FOD*Boss can be run at speeds up to 40/MPH (60KPH), it is generally recommended to use a reduced speed for more effective sweeping. This sweeper does not function as well in windy conditions: It can lose contact with the ground it is meant to be sweeping. Any other wet or dry weather conditions are not a problem for the FOD*Boss.

Supplies available with the FOD*Boss for FOD safety include a retention cable that maintains the connection to the vehicle even if the FOD sweeper somehow comes loose. Using the sweeper on a frequent basis will ensure a clearer airfield and safer conditions for air craft and ground crew. Continue the practice of a visual inspection of the swept surface to ensure that no areas have been missed.

Since 1994 the FOD*Boss has been selling globally to prevent and reduce aircraft runway accidents and damage. Damage to aircraft during take off or landing accounts for as much as $4 billion in damages a year globally. Reduce the odds against your investments, and prevent incidents that result in tangible consequences in repairs, replacement, injuries, and delays.