The basic difference between an ordinary cigar and e-cigar and other vaping devices is that the ordinary cigarette produces smoke that is inhaled while the e-cigar and the other vaping devices produce vapor and it is inhaled. The difference between the two processes is that in an ordinary cigar the smoke is created due to combustion which means that the dry tobacco leaves are burnt to produce smoke with a number of new chemicals in it that is different from the ingredients that are initially burned. On the other hand, in an E-liquid Mate e-cigar, the e-liquid or juices in the cartridge of the cigar are atomized and are turned into a gaseous state but, it is done at a relatively low temperature than that required for combustion of the same. This produces vapors that still have the chemical composition that is akin to the liquid used in the cartridge.

The constituents of an e-juice or a vape juice

There are different types of vape juices. But let us consider the constituents of an e-juice which is used in the cartridge of e-cigars to produce vapors.

The main constituents include

  • Propylene glycol  or vegetable glycerine(either one of them would be used)
  • Food flavoring – this would include a number of flavors like coffee, Bavarian cream, Tuitty Fruity, mint, etc
  • Water
  • Nicotine- Nicotine is a chemical that is addictive in nature. This is added mainly to give the regular smokers a feeling that is similar to smoking an ordinary cigar. But, there are also nicotine free e-juices that can be used in all forms of vapes right from cigar-likes, tubes and box mods.

Some e-juices are FDA approved while others are not. However, propylene glycol that would help in distributing the taste and flavoring in a liquid in an even manner or vegetable glycerine that is thick and sweet made using a vegetable base makeup about 90% of the quantity of the e-liquid.  The other 10% is for the flavorings plus or minus nicotine.