The Right Opportunities or the perfect Ring choice

A wedding is the most important event in the life of every person, and, naturally, you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to buy a 585-karat diamond engagement ring so that the product will delight the eye for many years. Naive buyers fall for the tricks of fraudsters, as a result of which they receive gold of lower quality, or even a clever fake. You can go for the Cushion Moissanite Rings there.

Counterfeit gold: typical signs

A skillful forgery can often only be distinguished by an experienced jeweler, but there are several simple methods that are available at home as well. First of all, carefully examine the ring from all sides. Inside the factory product, there must be a stamp on which the sample of gold is indicated. But if there is no stamp, you should not immediately consider the ring a fake perhaps it is an old work or an individual order of some jeweler, who was specifically asked not to put a stamp so as not to spoil the appearance of the ring.

Although many advise to bite into gold, it is worth thinking twice after all ugly marks will remain on the jewelry. Better just to smell the ring gold does not smell at all. Even silver has a characteristic metallic smell, but the noble yellow metal is spared from it.

Pay attention to the color of the solder. Real jewelry, such as chains, is connected together using gold of a higher standard, because it melts at low temperatures. Therefore, the solder is slightly different in color. If the shade is uniform, this is a reason to be wary. Needless to say, gold does not stick to a magnet.

There are more reliable ways to test using simple chemical reactions using:

  • Vinegar
  • Iodine
  • Black bread.

Fill a small container with vinegar and place the ring in it. Do not be afraid for safety real gold will not react in any way to an irritant, but a fake will darken or be covered with a coating. The same applies to the sample with iodine fake jewelry darkens under the influence of a few drops of iodine, and the gold remains the same hue. However, if you cover ordinary silver with gilding, it will also not react to iodine.

The most unusual way is with ordinary brown bread crumb. Put some water on the bread, roll it into a tight ball and place the ring inside it. After drying, take out the product if there is dark marks on the bread, then the ring is fake.

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Tips for Choosing Wedding Rings

The first advices on choosing go only to a trusted store and do not trust dealers. For example, one sends products throughout Ukraine and provides a guarantee for its jewelry. And “one-day” offices can easily deceive the buyer and disappear in an unknown direction.

A wedding ring should be chosen together. If you want to surprise your soul mate, it is better to know her tastes and preferences in advance. Of course, diamonds are considered the best choice for jewelry, but recently there has been a growing trend for cheaper substitutes or analogues rubies, topaz, and amethysts. Each of them symbolizes something different. For example, blood red rubies are a symbol of energy and passion, which can make all quarrels between newlyweds subside. Emeralds embody the calm and quiet flow of marriage, as well as the fertility and peace of the earth.

There are several stones that are best avoided when choosing. These include agate or opal, which, according to ancient beliefs, bring misfortune to the bride. But all this is prejudice, and if the newlyweds like the ring with the listed minerals, so be it.

During the preparation for the wedding, many sensitive questions arise that you could hardly have predicted. We have already written how to avoid unnecessary gifts, how to respond to tactless comments about a celebration and how to defend your boundaries before the advice of relatives. Now let’s talk about the nuances when choosing wedding rings that catch many brides by surprise.

“How much is it okay to spend on a wedding ring?”

There is only one correct answer: exactly as much as you see fit. There are many rings on the market, so you only need to choose the one that is closer to your couple’s style, budget and mood. For example, today it is possible to buy a laconic silver jewelry with gilding up to 10 thousand dollars in a stylish jewelry store during an evening walk around the city. Or you can choose diamond engagement rings with a glass of champagne or order jewelry according to your individual sketch. In any case, both the budget and the selection process itself should be comfortable for you this is very important.

Answering uncomfortable questions about wedding rings

There are so many pre-wedding hassles that the purchase of rings was postponed for the last month. Will we make it in time? When the site has not yet been booked, and the menu has not been approved, you want to postpone the trip to the jewelry store it seems that there are more urgent and important things to do. You may well postpone the purchase, but we strongly advise you to worry about rings no later than a month before the celebration. Firstly, you have no idea how difficult it can be to find even the most classic and simple model, the ideal image of which has formed in your head. Secondly, many boutiques make wedding rings only to order, and the production time, as a rule, starts from 30 days.

Do wedding rings always have to be the same?

Sometimes brides get upset when they notice that they and the groom like completely different rings, and they just can’t come to the same model. Yes, there is some tradition that wedding rings look identical, but you don’t have to follow it you better play it your way. For example, make different rings with the same engraving inside. If you are going to wear a piece of jewelry every day, you should be 100% happy with it; you should be comfortable and good with it and the groom too.