Tips for Getting a Bead on Your Engine’s Oil Condition


These days, most drivers take their cars to service centers for oil changes rather than doing the work themselves. Even if you visit a garage for this maintenance, you need to keep an eye on your engine’s oil condition to prevent unexpected problems between scheduled maintenance. Pay attention to the following signs and visiting your mechanic as necessary so that your car does not end up in the salvage yard prematurely.

Low Oil Levels

Perform your first check by reading the car engine’s dipstick. If the oil level falls below the lowest mark, you may have a leak somewhere or your engine may be burning oil excessively. You can check for leaks by examining the area under your care where you park it. Place a large, flat pan or piece of cardboard between the two wheels where the motor is located. If excess oil is seeping between a gasket, you will find that the drips appear within a day.

Cruddy Crude

While you have the dipstick out, place some oil drops on a white paper towel. If you find grit in the oil, you know it is time to have the oil changed at auto service Bloomington IL. These gritty particles not only act like sandpaper against the fast-moving metal engine parts, but they also provide a hint that the oil is losing its protective viscosity.

Exhaust Changes

One thing no driver wants to see is blue smoke emitting from the car’s tailpipe. Blue exhaust indicates that the engine is burning oil in addition to fuel. You should have your car checked out before the condition becomes too serious.

Oil plays a critical role in engine lubrication and heat dissipation. By monitoring the condition of your car’s oil and asking your mechanic to change it regularly, you can keep your vehicle’s engine running like silk.