Tips to Identify a Dishonest Handicapping Tipster Service

Football season is a thrilling event. Besides watching the game, sports betting ramps up and an infestation of handicapping services hunting for a fresh victim. Identifying deceitful sports handicapping service is easy.

After you register on reliable betting sites like Ufakick, if you need a tipster service, then take time to evaluate several of them before buying them. Some tips tell that the tipster is unworthy.

Uses pseudonym

Successful sports tipsters will be keen to use real names in all kinds of business dealings. Some employ a catchy nickname to promote but everyone has a legal name. Honest people need to show a willingness to know publicly no matter what they do to earn a living.

If you cannot feel proud of what you do or are uncomfortable that the customers will know your identity, then you are in the wrong business. Hiding behind pseudonyms with a reason to maintain privacy triggers a trust issue. No one will take financial advice from a person who depends on a fake name.

Use fake academic credentials

Many handicappers use ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ in their titles. It doesn’t matter if they have worked hard to acknowledge academic credentials in fields like statistics, psychology or discipline related to sports betting. There have been cases, where scammers used these titles were exposed by the media.

Academic titles must not be loosely slung to establish false credibility to fool people. If they do exist, then they need to publish their doctorate copy on their website.

Live high roller lifestyle

Legitimate tipsters and honest handicappers make living researching sports, sharing their views and even betting on the picks. They work massive hours, which is necessary to stay in business. If you see an ad with handicappers fanning huge cash rolls or beside a fancy car with pretty girls, it smells of crook.

No real handicapper tosses dollars around like sweets or hangs around the nightclubs they work very hard! So, beware of hype!

Tout current win-loss results

An honest service will provide its win-loss record over the years. They never brag about their wins. If an ad on social media reads the win about current wins then what about the previous ones. If they had a long win, then they would be bragging a lot. Winners don’t need to brag, they become self-evident!

Different service levels

It is a murky trick, which fake sports service offers. Different service levels are based on prices. VIP means a high service level. If you depend on someone, then you would probably need the best stuff.

Service with segregated membership is a scam because it is playing with odds. More services offered the chances of producing a winning record gets better. In this way, the tipster service can promote its best performance to future suckers.

Touting parlays

Some tipster services are so vile that they hunt the most vulnerable suckers, who are looking for a little light to scuttle out from the huge financial hole. Desperate bettors hopelessly looking for a longshot winner get trapped in parlays. Avoid these parlays as it is only for losers!