Top Best Ways To Identify A Bad Condo

Buying a condo around Khlong San-Charoen Nakhon (โครงการน่าอยู่ย่านคลองสานเจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai) isn’t a joke, as it needs a lot of research. Inappropriate research might lead you to face a huge financial loss. Investing in the right condo needs you to be aware of a lot of things; for instance how to spot a bad condo. Here are some of the best ways to identify a bad condo easily.

Easy Ways To Spot A Bad Condo Without Must Hassle

  • Poor Reviews

You can accumulate extensive knowledge from people who have already had experiencing condo living previously. By connecting with people who have stayed in the condos of that particular region, you can understand if you shall benefit anything from the investment. Reviews play a predominant factor in determining if the condo is good or bad. 

  • Learn The Difference Between Airbnb Rentals And A Poor Condo

You must ace how to differentiate a bad condo from Airbnb rentals. This is one of the crucial factors which people often overlook. You can understand a condo is problematic when the same is featured on Airbnb rentals with greater flexibility. You can have a look at the Airbnb Rentals that have stayed in the Condo. Check if they have stayed over at the condo for a few nights, irrespective of how the property is. This is a clear sign that the people aren’t only messier but noisier as well.

You wouldn’t want to have such people as your neighbours.

  • Look Into The Security Of The Condo

The present age is rife with scepticism, and henceforth looking into the security factor is very important when thinking to invest in a condo around Khlong San-Charoen Nakhon (which is the term in Thai) Always make sure to look into the security offered by the condo. See if intruders can break into the property. Also, look into another accessible portal where intruders can break into. Ask if there are staff deployed for security and have a look into their way of working.

  • The Elevator Of The Condo Can Say A Lot About Your Condo

Elevators are the primary aspect of infrastructure that can help you determine if the condo around Khlong San-Charoen Nakhon is worth the investment or not. Elevators say a lot about the building’s management group. A cleaner elevator indicates a properly maintained building, whereas a scarred elevator is a sign of poor management. 

Other factors that work as a telltale sign of a bad condo are cramped parking space, lack of gym and pools, and the craftsmanship of the condo. If you encounter any of these signs in the condo that you are about to invest in, then it is time you start reconsidering your decision and look for another condo.