What are the meanings of different zodiac signs? 

One of the 12 distinct zodiacal constellations the sun travels through is a sign of the zodiac in astrology. The zodiac sign that the sun was in when a person was born determines their unique character. According to online astrology, a person’s personality can be predicted based on their zodiac sign.

Aries | the Ram

  • Date: The event runs from March 20 to April 19.
  • Sign: A ram’s head is thought to symbolize the symbol of Aries.
  • Characteristics: The rams of Aries are reputed to be fierce and self-assured individuals. However, they may disagree with others as they are notoriously impatient and forthright with their views, as said in an astrology chat.

Taurus | the Bull

  • Date:  Starts on April 20 and concludes on May 20.
  • Sign: The bull’s head is depicted in the Taurus circle with the horns.
  • Characteristics: Taurus bulls are known for their loyalty and persistence. Bulls, on the other hand, are widely seen as lazy and, as their name suggests, stubborn.

Beginning on May 10 and lasting until June 2, the second Mercury retrograde will occur in the Taurus season. On May 15, 2022, there will be a complete lunar eclipse, the first of two that year. A lunar eclipse is a harbinger of big changes or major events in online astrology.

Gemini | the Twins

  • Date: May 21st until June 20th.
  • Sign: Its symbol is the Roman numeral for two, which symbolizes the Gemini twins (two people).
  • Characteristics: Those who breastfeed twins are believed to be extremely clever and socially adept. Both superficial and indecisive, they are also believed to be.

Cancer | the Crab

  • Date: It begins on June 21 and ends on July 21.
  • Sign: Crab claws are considered to depict the sideways 6s and 9s of the Cancer zodiac emblem.
  • Characteristics: People who are generous and faithful are believed to be Cancerian crabs, according to folklore. But on the other side, if you try to get them out of their shells, you may find them irritable.

Leo | the Lion

  • Date: July 22 to August 22 (inclusive).
  • Sign: The lion is supposed to be the subject of the Leo zodiac symbol.
  • Characteristics: Although proud and courageous, the Leo lion is also known to display arrogance and a tendency toward competition.

Virgo | the Maiden

  • Date: Beginning on August 23 and running through September 22
  • Sign: Virgo’s curly M is the subject of numerous theories. Many think the symbol portrays the letter M, a virgin with crossed legs, or the intestines of a human being.
  • Characteristics: Virgos are known to be meticulous and well-organized and supposed to be perfectionists who worry too much.

The third Mercury retrograde of 2202 will begin on September 9 and last through October 1 in the Virgo season.

Libra | the Scales

  • Date: Starting on September 23 and running through October 22
  • Symbol: Libra’s zodiacsign is represented by a scale-like object or by a sinking sun.
  • Characteristics: People born under the sign of Libra tend to be outgoing and diplomatic. These people are also known to be vain and to despise having to make difficult choices.

Scorpio | the Scorpion

  • Date: October 23 to November 21
  • Sign: Scorpio’s symbol is thought to depict a scorpion.
  • Characteristics: Scorpions are reputed to be thrill-seekers, according to folklore. The morbid and envious nature of the Scorpio is well-documented, as is the Scorpio’s fascination with it.

On November 7, 2022, Scorpio will play home to the second lunar eclipse of the year.

Sagittarius | the Archer

  • Date: November 22 through December 20
  • Sign: Symbolically, Sagittarius is represented by an arrow with a line across it.
  • Characteristics: Sagittarians are known to be free-spirited, independent thinkers who are always up for a new challenge. On the other hand, they have a reputation for being rude and irritable.

Capricorn | the Goat

  • Date: Capricorn season began on December 21 and lasted until January 19, 2022.
  • Sign: A sea goat, or half-goat, half-fish legendary monster, is considered to be the Capricorn’s sign.
  • Characteristics: As a Capricorn, you’re believed to have a strong work ethic and an eye for detail. They have a reputation for being rigid adherents to authority and ruthless when enraged.

Aquarius | the Water Bearer

  • Dates: January 20 through February 17
  • Sign: The squiggly lines that make up the Aquarius emblem are thought to symbolize water.
  • Characteristics: Aquarians are self-assured and imaginative, according to popular belief. Also, Aquarians are known to be loners by nature.

Pisces | the Fishes

  • Dates: February 18 to March 19.
  • Sign: The Pisces zodiac sign’s emblem is said to depict two fish bound by a rope and swimming in opposite directions.
  • Characteristics: Stereotypically, Pisces is described as adventurous, compassionate, and prone to over-anxiety.


However, astrology is not a religion but provides reassurance, faith, and a better grasp of our reality. Interpretations give people a sense of security about the future.