What To Do After Car Fumigation In Singapore

Pests do not just live in our homes; pests are also in our cars. Don’t be too surprised to see ants on the dashboards, webbing clothes moths on the carpets, and bedbugs at the crevices of the passenger seats. You can get rid of these pests through car fumigation in Singapore.

But it does not end with fumigation. Car owners should do some post-fumigation actions. Here are the critical things car owners should do after car fumigation:

1. Wait and be patient.

A pest control company in Singapore uses tons of chemicals and insecticides to kill all the pests living in your car. They may advise you not to use your vehicle for a day or more. Why? Because inhaling the remaining traces of these chemicals can impact your health and cause sickness, irritation, nausea, tightness in the chest, and fatigue.

Wait patiently until your commercial pest control services tell you it is safe to use the car.

2. Vacuum the car.

Once you open the car, you may see dead and paralysed pests in different parts of the vehicle. You can remove dead and alive critters by vacuuming them.

But remember, only do this when your termite pest control service in Singapore tells you to do so. Otherwise, you might be wiping off the treated parts of the vehicle, reducing the effectiveness of the fumigation.

3. Avoid bringing in food.

Food is one reason why pests find their way to your vehicle. Pests typically live near their food source. Food crumbs attract critters so, as much as possible, avoid eating in the car.

4. Avoid storing paper.

Did you know that papers are also food for cockroaches and clothes moths? Avoid storing paper inside the car to prevent pests from recurring.

5. Repair leaks.

A moist environment is an ideal climate for many pests. In addition, the pipe cracks and holes serve as an entryway to insects.

You will never have to worry about infestation if you follow these tips after car fumigation in Singapore.

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