Why a Road Trip Makes for the Ideal Honeymoon

When you start to plan your honeymoon, you will probably get tempted by exotic beaches and the promise of a giant swimming pool under a bright, foreign sun.

Yet, could it be that you could get a better start to married life by heading off together on a glorious road trip? This is a bold and somewhat unusual approach to getting away on honeymoon it could be perfect for you and your partner.

Beat the Stress

At first glance, a driving honeymoon might seem more stressful than flying away to a distant beach. However, it should be very relaxing if you plan it well.

A good route and a lack of tight deadlines will help you to enjoy this journey without any stress. If you both have stressful careers then this can be the perfect opportunity to unwind together in style.

You can forget all about rushing to airport departure gates and worrying about luggage allowances, as you will feel completely in control of every aspect of the honeymoon in this way.

Why not fit your vehicle with a car boot liner and put in some sports gear? In this way, you can both relax while enjoying the likes of skiing, mountain biking or windsurfing.

Spend More Quality Time Together

One of the main benefits of a really good honeymoon is that it gives the couple the chance to spend a lot of quality time in each other’s company. This is something that can be difficult to do during the usual weekly routine, so a road trip is well worth considering.

As the miles drift by and you spot exciting new places on the horizon you can both feel as though you are truly living life as a couple. It is easy to strike up good conversations and chat about everything under the sun when you are driving serenely along the open road with your loved one.

By the end of the trip you should know a lot more about each other and feel as though you have truly established a bond that will last for the rest of your lives.

Feel a Tremendous Sense of Freedom

One big worry for many newly-weds is that this somehow marks the ends of their freedom. Of course, nothing should be further from the truth and getting married should represent a new stage and a new type of freedom for you.

Heading off into the sunset together is one of the very best ways of feeling that this new phase in your relationship is all about freedom and having a fantastic time together. There is nothing like the open road to make us feel as though we have infinite possibilities stretching out in front of us.

Don’t stick to a rigid travel itinerary that makes you feel restricted and reduces a lot of the joy of travelling. By having a flexible approach you can make last-minute decisions and changes of plan that end up being the most memorable parts of the whole adventure.

Plan for the Future Together

Newly married couples have a lot of planning to do, while finding the ideal moment to discuss the future can seem very difficult at times. The good news in this respect is that a honeymoon road trip will give you the time and space that you to start up those potentially awkward conversations.

As the car glides down the motorway the conversation should flow naturally onto subjects such as where you will live, whether you want to start a family and what you both want from married life. From mundane matters to life-changing issues, a road trip is when most people feel completely at ease to say what is on their mind.

Maybe you will have long periods of silence or perhaps you will chat to each other endlessly. Each coupe finds their own way of communicating on this sort of journey.

Be Independent and United

It is often the case that the period after getting married is a shock to the system, as both partners need to get used to being independent. If neither of you has lived away from home before then this could be your first true taste of independent living.

If you carry it out well it will leave you in a good frame of mind for the future. You can start by planning the trip well, making sure that the car is in great condition and maybe putting down the likes of Ford, BMW or Land Rover boot liners to keep it clean and hygienic at all times.

By the time you drive back to your home town it should be clear that this road trip was the best type of honeymoon you could possibly have chosen to take.