Winter Skin Care: Tips to Follow

Winter is coming and every one supposed to take care of the skin as skin should be always flawless and beautiful for the perfect personality. Winter weather is harsh and at this time your skin needs extra care. Cold temperature and low humidity and dry airstrip your skin and your skin need more moisture to be perfect in winters.

People start hot bath and woolen clothes that are also responsible to absorb all the moisture of the skin, but if one takes adequate care of the skin then it becomes very easy to hold the perfect skin throughout the winters. For the supple and smooth skin you just have to follow some of the points.

Sometimes ignoring the skin care in winters leads to various skin related issues and people have to consult the doctors for the proper medications. Canadian pharmacy where one can have all the prescribed and non-prescribed medicines easily at the doorsteps. But it is better to follow some of the tips that can reduce the risk of having the skin related issues.

Moisturize– In the dry weather it is very important to moisturize the skin to keep it healthy. People in winters start using oils to moisturize the skin but for this one should be choosy that means the oil-based moisturizer works well as every oil is not good for the skin. For keeping the skin hydrated always moisturize your face and hands after washing. At night you can moisturize your feet and hands with moisturizers or Vaseline. After applying the moisturizer cover your feet and hands with gloves and socks to lock the moisture.

Type Of Moisturizer– When we go for purchasing moisturizer in winters we have lots of choices in the market and it becomes very difficult to pick the best one for the skin. Always go for the oil-based moisturizers. Oils should be lavender, chamomile, avocado or almond as they not only moisturize the skin but also makes the skin healthy.

Lips Care– In winters lips get too dry and we generally ignore that result in bleeding and blackening of lips. You can use the coconut oil, shea butter to moisturize your lips.

Hydration– It is very important to keep your body hydrated as it helps in retaining the moisturizer for a long time in the body. Drink lots of water, it’s quite impossible in winters but having hot chocolates and hot drinks to make us feel hot actually reduces the amount of water in the body. So it is very important to have water when you are not thirty.

Sunscreen– People usually chooses sunscreen in summers but it is very important in winters also. Keep your feet and hands cover to protect them from the sun and the cold winds. UV rays can affect the skin and are responsible for the loss of moisture in the skin.

These are the few points to consider in winters to keep the skin healthy and supple.