Rains and slow winds always bring in a nice feeling among the citizens. The climate suddenly becomes soothing for areas that receive massive summer heats but this stormy weather and rain often comes along with thunders and lightening that can often take a very dangerous turn. It is a well known fact the light travels faster than sound and hence we get to see the lights and then here the thundering. There is one more fact that the amount of lightening earth receive is a fraction of the exact lightening happening in sky and hence it is not so dangerous. But there are events when lightening has struck places and has caused heavy damage.

Bursting of clouds is other dangerous thing that can result in to massive hazards and floods. Also, storms tend to hit the electric poles and electricity distribution hubs the most and hence parents always warn the kids to stay away from metals, wires and electronic appliances when there is abnormal lightening happening. Some people even switch off their appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens, television sets etc. To avoid any sort of damage. Though people take basic precautions at homes, some communities must also ensure safety measures. Specially, places like educational campus, hospitals, utilities etc. must take major precautions to ensure that the community is safe and ready to face dangerous situations. Here are 5 tips that can help one in keeping safety-

  • Weather tracker- Installing a weather tracker can help one get alerts and details of lightening approaching the area. One can take actions when they see some high measurements and numbers and vacate the area accordingly to save people from climatic disasters.
  • The outdoor alert system helps one in getting alerts when it is predictably a bad forecast so that one can take action before it is too late. Shifting patients or arranging for generators for patients who are on life support system is very important. Outdoor alert systems also helps one in letting children leave for their homes when the weather forecast does not sound good.
  • Lightening strike detector helps one in marking the areas that might get hit by the lightening and hence avoiding those routes can help one save life. The tracker can be installed at the right place and then the app can be installed in multiple devices so that everyone can keep a track of the forecast and readings.
  • Emergency exits- having emergency exits cleared up at all times can help one in vacating a place easily. Emergency exit guides must be installed in every commercial building that faces heavy crowd every day.
  • Parks and other amenities must also have weather tracker to save life and have multiple exits open in case of any such forecasts.

Safety is better than cure. It is easy to let people be safe before something disastrous happens than to run and rush when a thing has already started. Installing the alert system and weather tracker can be a life saver in extreme climatic conditions.