Conclusions of automatic pet feeders when choosing

Automatic feeders, two kinds are popular on the market, non-electric and electric.

Advantages of non-electric automatic feeders are obvious, it’s cheap, ranging from 10-30USD. For pet owners, this is quite affordable. So while you’re buying dog vitamins in Australia, remember to add one such feeder that works for you and your dog. The principle of the non-electric automatic feeders is very simple, as shown below, eat a little, leak a little, there will always be food in the bowl. If there is a need to control the amount of food and weight of pets, this can’t be used.

Electric has a different structure. The price is range from 30-300USD.

I personally bought this brand WOPET. When I bought it, the price was around 100 USD.

Let me talk about the advantages first.

1, it can plug in with ac adapter, the battery can also be installed. Double power supply ensures continuous power outage.

2, the amount of grain control is accurate, there are 39 files. . . It adopts the structure of the turntable + blade (as shown in the figure below), and divides the object into a small grid and a small grid, and the first gear is out of the grid. . .

WOPET A36 Automatic Feeder

Unless it is a very large dog, as long as it is a cat or a small dog, it is recommended to buy a small amount of food, otherwise it may be too much for it. I bought a small amount of food, two meals a day, two meals a day (up to 4 can be set).

  1. The buttons on the panel are small enough, the buttons need to be pressed harder, and all of them are long-pressed and are not easy to touch, so it is impossible for cats and dogs to feed themselves.

 4, the top of the lid is buckled, cats and dogs can not open themselves.


  1. There is no obvious residual amount in the storage granary, so sometimes the food is not known.
  2. Although the carousel has precise control, it can’t stop the cat’s handcuffs property. After a while, my cat learned to put the handle from the grain outlet into the turntable and lick the grain. Once you get down, you can sneak for half an hour. I can’t eat much but I am annoying. I can’t think of other shortcomings. More intelligent feeders are available on the market, which can be remotely fed by the app and integrated with video surveillance. The budget is enough to consider, but the practicality is not too strong.

The reasons are:

1, cats and dogs are generally fed regularly, remote feeding is basically just to make fun, when snacks, should not feed more.

2, integrated video monitoring on the feeder, fixed angle of view, the scope of observation is very limited, it is better to match a little home monitoring.

  1. If the remote feeding and video monitoring are because the feeder is not working properly, it is even more unnecessary, because it is integrated on the feeder, and the failure will fail together. . .

To sum up, consider the following points when purchasing an automatic feeder.

  1. The lid of the added food must be stuck. Otherwise, the IQ of the dog and the dog will quickly learn to open the lid.
  2. The button should not be easily touched. Again, don’t be small. Look at the IQ of cats and dogs.
  3. The granary is preferably transparent or has a clear margin. Otherwise, the grain is not known.
  4. Dual power supply. It can be plugged in to install the battery.
  5. Control the amount of grain, and it is not easy to be caught by cats and dogs. (Carousel + blade is a good solution)
  6. There are reminders and reminders that the tray can be stretched, which will cause the cat to push the dish. Go in and not eat food, so be sure to ensure that all parts of the feeder can be completely fixed, to ensure that the cat and dog will not change the shape of the feeder after the door is out, resulting in functional failure.

Personally I think that meet the above points is a good pet feeder. At present, I have seen an automatic feeder with this shape on Amazon. Seeing that the introduction basically meets the above characteristics can be considered. But I personally have not bought this, I will not post the link. . . .