There is a big difference between a job that gives you money and a fulfilling dream career. Sometimes the distance between your job and your dream job is very wide. The world is changing, technologies are revolutionizing yet the hiring procedure and job platforms remain same. Little has changed from the time people used to go to employment agencies, apply for jobs and appear for interviews. Perhaps, people should make space for their dream job and create extraordinary workplace as per their choice and rewrite the set of rules for better meaningful employment. Here is our take which you should go for to make your dream job happen:


  1. Fill applications for jobs which are never listed by interacting with special people from different walks of life:

Most of unique jobs are already listed on Craigslist and other job sites even before you think of listing them. The interview procedure is slow and out 50 applicants, 49 will be deflated. How many times you have appeared for an interview and thought that this was not right for you and yet still feel devastated because you were not selected for the next round. No no… the idea is to go for jobs which are meant for you. Make friends with people who work in places of your interest. Learn and get their experience. And then do not be surprised if they give you a call about joining them. Networking will open new doors for you all the time.


  1. Abilities will always win… yes, even from charisma, charm and likeness shared.

Develop mastery in your dream job so you may continue to rise in the field of you interest all your life. Companies need people with higher and higher IQ and intelligence. Great companies hire people who are willing to learn in their field and are not afraid to educate at every stage of life.


  1. Be independent of you resume:

A resume may be your first step to enter the doors of a company and describe your career. But showing is better than telling. Draft a competent portfolio which showcases the real you and what you stand for. Add your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Those are places when modern recruiters check out.


  1. Don’t make money as your major focus… if you are skilled it will come to you.

Explore the work which appeals to you and begin doing it. Like, for finance job postings, use your skills, power and knowledge to make you satisfied. Just do what you love to do and focus on it with all your heart and mind. With the right mind set and perfect set of skills, you will be able to obtain the top position in your dream career.


  1. Don’t leave your day job… when you are working on finding out what you actually want to do:

The time before and after your job hours is yours. Your company doesn’t own you. So, if you have more than one job for short time periods, then also you can stick your dream job. If you have a day job, then you don’t have to think about starving as you have a steady income supply. Eventually if things turn out in your favour with respect to your dream career, you can switch.


No matter what job position you apply for, whether you work for accounting recruiters Los Angeles or as sole entrepreneur, you can attain your dream career with these tips.