As humans grow older, it is only natural to experience deteriorating bodily functions and overall psychology. The sinking state of health makes elderly people vulnerable to many health complications and diseases. For people who have to take care of elderly loved ones, it is important to know some of the major health risks associated with aging.

Cancer and Aging

Aging and development of cancer is very strongly interlinked. Statistics tell us that more than 60% people suffering from different types of cancerous tumours are 60 years and above. However, it doesn’t mean cancer is absolutely a terminal illness for elderly people. In fact, more than half of cancer survivors also belong to the same age group, thanks to the contemporary radiation treatments which have increased the survival rate of cancer patients.

Facilities such as have contributed a lot in this regard. Prostate cancer, which has been affecting thousands of Australian men every year, was considered a fatal type. But now its survival rate has been increased to 95% due to effective radiation therapies.

To reduce the probability of acquiring cancer with aging, it is imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle where one is less exposed to carcinogenic elements. Also, adding sufficient amount of antioxidants in daily diet plans help in reducing the risk of developing malignant tumours.

Aging and Physical Disability

Aging also take its toll on joints especially the one in the lower limbs. In spite of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, aging makes them fragile. Even small injury can result into physical disability and immobility. Physical difficulties experienced by elderly also become very testing for people around especially for those who don’t have any previous experience to handle such situations.

There is a range of wheelchairs that can aid in moving the elderly patients who are permanently disable or suffering from any momentary illness. Daily living aids and mobility aids help the individuals who need little assistance to move around.

Aging and Vision

We all know how eyesight also gets affected as a detrimental side effect of aging. For instance cataracts, a problem where vision decreases due to clouding of eye lens is now considered a normal aging phenomenon. 70% of Australians of age 80 and above suffers from this disease.

Similarly, other eye-related problems also arise as we grow older. However, personalized eye care and assistance rendered by institutions such as  are very helpful for elderly population with better vision even in older ages.

Aging and Cognitive Functions

Cognitive functions of human also bear the brunt with old age. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are termed as senior’s diseases because weakened nervous system is a by-product of an aging process. Reports suggest that dementia is one of the leading causes of disability in Australians aged 65 and above.

Different mental exercise can help elderly population to improve their brain function. Moreover, it is believed that increased physical activity also helps in improving the neuronal activity. A well-maintained lifestyle from the beginning can help in preventing many of health complications associated with old age.

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