Where To Buy Gear for a Motorcycle Enthusiast

Looking to buy gifts for a motorcycle rider in the family? Here are some tips regarding what to buy and how to get the lowest price.

Essential Elements

Bikers live by “ATGATT,” which means “All the gear all the time.” Take away a biker’s brain bucket, and there’s a good chance the motorcycle will sit cold. Lids are available in lots of places. Some people look in second hand stores and local classified ads. Of course, when you buy used, there’s no guarantee. The item could have been in a crash and thus compromised.

One place to find shiny, new gear is any of the Big 5 dealerships (Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson). Prices, unfortunately, are likely to be extremely high in such stores. The best deals on motorcycle helmets, therefore, are usually found online. While you shop, be sure at a minimum that the dome is DOT-certified. Otherwise, isn’t street legal.

Protective Apparel

Biking, like any sport, requires a specific set of gear for optimal safety and performance. Motorcycle apparel starts with protective undergarments. Padded shorts and armored vests are standard pieces for the street and trail. For jackets, look for something that’s tailored to the rider’s area weather. While shopping for riding boots, use sizing charts for the best fit. Dirt and motocross enthusiasts use additional protection, such as wrist supports and knee guards.


Perhaps your friend or relative already has the essential elements and apparel needed for safe riding. Sometimes, though, a facemask and rain suit are a boon to commute for an extra season. In other cases, gear simply wears out, such as when a rider deals with scratched goggles. Casual logo tees and sweatshirts additionally make great gifts.

No matter the occasion, a gift is sure to please. When you aren’t sure what to get, go and browse BikeBandit.com, the internet’s largest source for powersports parts, gear and accessories.