Crowdfunding for building community libraries for poor children

For books, this is a dark age indeed. The sale of hard copies is decreasing because of the increasing reliance on electronic books and on piracy. This, in turn, is making even the hard copies of books costlier, making them more and more inaccessible, especially for the poorer people. While the government has made books for primary education available at a very low price, books for higher education are really difficult to access both online and offline for Indian students. Crowdfunding India can help a lot here.

To add to that, the rise of innumerable distractions across the world has also led to a gradual decline in the reading habit. Yet, there are a woefully large number of children from low-income families who want to read but are unable to do so. Or are not even exposed to the joys of reading in the first place. This prevents them from developing any of their thinking faculties. Under such circumstances, the public libraries are vitally important in not only in making them understand that there is a much better and bigger world outside, but also that there is a joy in developing different ways of thinking and of imagining. Reading is the best thing there is, as all those of us who have been privileged enough to experience it know well, and words are not enough to express the joys of reading.

Under such circumstances, crowdfunding a public library or a community library through the crowdfunding platforms in India is the best option there is. Governments often are not very active in making the poor question and think for themselves, and crowdfunding sites in India  can enable these children and even adults to access books from across the world is a great way to rectify that. It would also enable the poor children to learn for themselves and make them better citizens of the society, often enabling them to take care of the imbalances themselves.

Crowdfunding for a library has got to be among the most exciting things that there is.

Crowdfunding, considering the huge number of donors, is an enormously powerful phenomenon, and can be used to acquire a lot of books, and even benefit a large number of communities. The donors should be made to understand what good their donation would do to a large number of children who often do not have anything else to fall back on.