A program to recover HD data found on the Internet may have some advantages – by the way – as the savings of free downloads and the comfort of not having to travel to a company to perform the service.

When we quote “by the way,” we refer to the instabilities of these supposed advantages, because otherwise, what seemed to save time and money, it could end up becoming a major problem. Understand better:

  • A program to recover data does not offer the complete tools; after all, RAID data recovery experts in NY State perform a process that involves not only software, but also a prepared laboratory, expert technician, hardware, parts and other technologically advanced resources.
  • Among free and paid options, there are thousands of programs to recover HD data and media in general, available for download on the Internet, and a lay person would not be able to differentiate between the reliable and appropriate option to problem, the option that could aggravate it.
  • A poor quality or even pirated program, contrary to expectations, can end up damaging your hard drive, which can cause great damage, since it is much simpler to recover a hard drive that has not undergone any previous procedure.
  • In order to complete a data recovery on media successfully, it is essential that a diagnosis be made in order to detect the problem – among many possible – that is happening, and this, neither program is able to do.
  • You never know the company that is “behind” a program, which represents a serious risk that it will not be able to recover the data, or even lose them definitively.
  • In case of a failure to recover, there is no one to turn to, since there may not really be a company behind that program, and even if it exists, it will not be responsible.


If your intention is to recover an unimportant HD, opting for a program to recover data may even be a viable alternative, otherwise, when the HD has really important content, such as work related information, or even family memories, the risk not worth it.

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