Choosing the right web agency should go through a selection of many factors. Today, customers are very often limited to considering only the price based on a request for a quote, which is not just the only thing to look out for when choosing a web agency. Here are some factors that will be helpful when youare selecting a partner for the creation of your website.

  • In the quote phase, did the agency ask you specific questions about your business and the goals you set for yourself? The evaluation of the web project must start from the careful evaluation of the strategic factors of the client, such as targets, objectives, competitors, customer profile etc. Beware of agencies that offer “ready to use” solutions without a cognitive analysis of the sector in which the customer operates.

  • Look and study the agency’s portfolio. Do you like their style? Do they use pleasant and effective graphics solutions? Are the sites created easy to navigate and use? Is it possible to recognize a style in all their works, and if so, would this style fit your needs? has a great portfolio, you can go for their services.

  • Are they prepared and attentive to the SEO aspects, i.e. about optimization and positioning on search engines? Do they have specific experience with search engines? Can they help you to be more visible and have a strong experience in this? Ask the agency to show you the results obtained regarding the positioning of its customers and ask them what kind of work they intend to do on your positioning.

  • Is the site provided with a training to use an update? This aspect is very important as it demonstrates the agency’s willingness to make you truly independent and to help you act and understand independently. Beware of agencies that want to limit your freedom

  • You need to make certain that the websote is usable across different devices. The site should be navigable and usable by all modern mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. These devices today represent a good slice of internet traffic, so try to select agencies that have specific experience in the mobile sector and can help you integrate the services offered through the site, on the mobile world.  Good agencies know more about the importance of this and offer great services, could be an outstanding destination.

  • Traffic analysis tools. Every good website should have advanced tools for traffic analysis. Ask your agency to explain what kind of monitoring you will have on the site.

If you keenly consider all these factors, you are in line to get the services of a good web design company.