Get Your Used Car Evaluation Right from Day 1

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a used car, it is very crucial to have the car valued correctly. As a seller, you won’t be able to find a buyer easily for the car if it is overpriced. Similarly, as a buyer, you don’t want to end up getting a used car at a price that can’t be justified. So it is very crucial to have the right kind of used car valuation Bangalore done.

Online Calculators

The most common method that people use for car valuation is to use the free online calculators. These online calculators ask you for some basic information like the brand of the car, the year of manufacturing, and the model variant. Once you input this information, you are asked for more details like:

  • The city in which the car is registered
  • The kilometres driven
  • The type of ownership of the car

Based on this, the car is valued.

Other Factors Impacting Car Valuation

While the most important factors that affect the valuation of a car are usually covered in the online calculators, there are few parameters that are not. These parameters can sway the valuation on either side for a used car.

  1. Engine Condition: This can be found out only after a proper inspection.
  2. Suspension Condition: This again can be found out only after a detailed inspection and a long drive.
  3. Condition of Tyres: Worn out tyres can reduce the asking price since the buyer would have to spend on replacing them.
  4. Damages to Car’s Body: If the car’s body has a lot of dents or damages then the asking price would reduce.
  5. Damages to Car’s Interiors: If the car’s upholstery is damaged and has wear and tear or stains, then the price would reduce.