Website is very important these days as it represents your company, business, or brand on the online world. Internet is very popular these days and most of the people are present on it. So, it becomes really important for the businesses to design their website and launch it for the online customers. Nowadays there are many online companies which can help you in designing your website. GoDaddy and Square Space are the two leading online website designing companies which can help you in designing the website for your business on your own. Most of the web designing companies offer various tools but it is very difficult for a normal person to design the website out of it. So those people who are thinking to compare hosts for website designing can consider the brief about both the hosts below.

Go Daddy: GoDaddy is an online company which provides many services to its customers such as web hosting, domain purchasing, domain transfers, as well as website building. Each service has its own cost. The main plus point with Godaddy is that you get more than 1500 templates that you can use for your reference while designing the website. You can design your personal website, professional website, commercial website, e-commerce website, and many other types of websites. You can also create website for PC as well as for mobile platform.

Square space: Square space is also very similar to GoDaddy and provides very similar services. Though it doesn’t have many templates as compared to GoDaddy, but their templates are attractive, optimized, and can be customized according to your website and business needs. Square space provides you with many types of website designs that you can use with your website. Square space provides its services at a cheaper price as compared to GoDaddy.