Winstrol is one of the most popular steroids in the market today, which is mainly used to boost muscle gain and strength. Before you use any steroid, it is extremely essential to understand its potential, use and overall side effects. All anabolic androgenic steroids are to be sold on prescription only, at least in the US, and it might not be always legal to buy these products online. In this post, let’s talk about Winstrol in detail.

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The initial facts

Winstrol is the trade name for the steroid Stanozolol, which is also sold by other names such as Winstrol Depot. Winstrol is mostly used for veterinary purposes to treat animals. If you are a new user, you should know that steroids are not meant for everyone. These are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of testosterone and can work in a different way on every person.  For those who intend to use Winstrol, they should always consider the side effects and overall impacts before taking the final call.

The recommended dose

If you are wondering how much oral Winstrol to take in a day, it largely depends on a lot of factors, including your age, gender and previous experience with steroids. For medical treatments, doctors usually suggest anywhere between 2 and 6 mg twice or thrice a day, depending on the condition, but only for a limited period. On the other hand, bodybuilders take Winstrol in much higher doses, usually from 15 mg to 25 mg per day. If you are injecting the steroid, you can choose a dose of 50 to 75 mg every three days. Please note that increasing the dose also increases the possible consequences.

Should you use Winstrol?

To be honest, Winstrol is not always a safe steroid, but with responsible use, you can easily minimize some of the side effects. It is also important that you consider your fitness levels, and if you are just starting with stacks and cycles, you might want to take some advice and help from experienced bodybuilders. All steroids, regardless of the type and name, will impact the liver at some point, especially with long term use, and it’s important that you consider additional remedies to reduce these bad effects. Also, if you have any sort of liver ailment, do not use steroids in the first place!

If you are smart enough, Winstrol can give you good results. Just start with a low dose to see the effects.