How to Care For Your Car Through Basic Maintenance

Taking care of your car will help it last for many years to come with minimal issues. This can save you money and time when you have a vehicle that works when it needs to. Here are some of the basic things you need to do throughout the year to keep your car running as well as possible.

Complete Yearly Inspections

Inspections are required by the state you live in, but they are also a good well check to ensure there aren’t any problem areas. A trustworthy mechanic can tell if you need new tires, require emissions repair Lynnwood or need a fluid change.

Change the Oil

An oil change is another necessary thing to have done throughout the year. After 5,000 miles, your car needs to go back in for a change. This keeps the moving parts in your engine lubricated so they move smoothly and work properly.

Inspect the Tires and Wipers

If your tires seem low, the air pressure can be filled up at a gas station. During a rainstorm, the wipers can tell you if they aren’t working by leaving streaks on the windshield. Replace the wipers and you will immediately notice a difference in performance.

Notice Brake Issues

If you hear grinding noises that haven’t been there before or notice a difference in the brake performance, you may have brake issues that need to be checked out. Take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately to ensure your car is as safe as possible.

Check Your Lights

The lights around your car let other cars on the road know what you are planning to do. If blinkers don’t work or brake lights burn out, it can lead to dangerous situations while driving.

Regular car maintenance can keep you and your passengers as safe as possible on the road.