Anyone who lives on a body of water knows how unpredictable the weather can be, so owning a dock means being prepared for whatever the weather can throw at you. After all, you have probably spent a lot of money on building a great dock for you to use. It only makes sense to make preparations for bad weather to protect your investment. 

Storms, hurricanes and flooding are all threats your dock may face in bad weather. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your boat and dock from being damaged. A marine construction palm beach company can help you make all these happen.

Preparing for a Storm

The first thing to do when thinking about storm preparedness is to get a reliable forecasting source. The National Weather Service has a lot of trustworthy resources for forecasting the weather, as well as tons of safety information. This will allow you to be fully informed of incoming bad weather.

The best way to get your dock to stand up to bad weather is to build it out of durable materials. A reliable marine construction company will know what materials are best and recommend what you need. Always keep photographs of your dock saved, as you will need to show before pictures to an insurance company when filing a claim.

Preparing Your Boat

If you have enough time before a storm, try to get your boat somewhere safe, like a storage facility. If this is not possible, make sure your boat is secured to its lift and remove any of its plugs so water can drain out after the storm. Experts suggest raising your dock lift as high as possible. This will keep your boat above storm surge waters and hopefully avoid damage. Additionally, keep pictures of your boat so you can file insurance claims if needed.