Beat The Heat: Which Swamp Cooler Is For You?

It’s summer. You can almost feel the wave of the heat from almost anywhere. It is not uncommon in this season to see people surfing the internet for portable and affordable air cooler options. An option that easily trolls others is the evaporative cooling system, sometimes referred to as swamp coolers. The choice is viable because it is simple, needs nothing much, just water and electricity. The airing mode is very comforting, noiseless, and effective because they use water and natural air. No mist nor fog is produced. Good products as the Portacool swamp coolers would not even spray water; they just blow cool air like that. That makes swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, if you may, very adorable. Are you considering which option is best for you to beat the heat? Here are some options for you.

Direct Evaporative Air Cooler:

This first option is about the most common, where a blower is designed to force air out through a water-soaked pad. The pad filters the air and cools it down, thereby, distributing humidified air.

Swamp coolers are very effective in managing the temperature of a given space system. Interestingly, this option is inexpensive, very portable, and easy to set up. The name direct is given to it because all you need to do is to add water to its reservoir, power it up, and that’s it. The Portacool swamp coolers are easy to maintain since they follow the natural process of evaporative cooling.

Indirect Evaporative Air Coolers

Indirect evaporative coolers are different. They are larger, more expensive, and require a duct ventilation system to absorb and/or transfer air. They find applications on large scales. If you are a family person and you are thinking of one solution that would circulate air throughout the entire house -your room, the kids, the guest room, and perhaps the sitting room during family time- then you should consider this option. It is called indirect because the cooler does not just blow directly onto you; it follows the HVAC system engineered to a house. If you are making this choice, it is smart; it declutters space and is very efficient. The role is quite different from the direct option. Hence, no need to compare at all.

Mounted Coolers: 

This option works like the regular AC unit system. They are mounted on walls, roofs, or ground to make them serve purpose. The mode of operation is similar to the direct air coolers’.