A) Engraving rubber board for paper box printing.

The laser engraver machine can engrave on rubber board, it’s unnecessary that you choose a fast and multi-functional device, because firstly operate may be utilized; secondly, more rapid pace, the more engraved depth that is shallow, cannot satisfy the need for printing.

Recommend: return and quick buy appropriate laser machine for engraving rubber board, with reduced cost.

B) Engraving craft work.

laser engraver machine can engrave and buy, and art work is centered on software.

Engraving wood box and wine box: dimensions of with up and, 500*70mm and 600*900mm down operating table for extended box to be set in

Bamboo: with up and down operating device and table dimensions of 600x900mm and 500x700mm.

Engraving year card: dimensions of with operating table, 500*700mm and 600*900mm for cutting, and quick pace for Paper being burnt throughout the operating method.

C) Reducing acrylic.

Laser engravers can cut acrylic, but it is better that you use the particular laser-cutting device, that the optimized layout is accurate in slicing and slicing result is great. It’s essential to purchase the device with knife form operating table, in case you insist on getting the typical laser-engraving machine.

Note: don’t think laser energy can reduce 80w 60w or 20mm acrylic, it’s difficult.

The standard value is: 60w laser energy can cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80w laser energy can reduce 8-15mm acrylic.

D) Engraving and reducing costume and leather.

Purchase laser-engraving device with a honey-comb table that is operating and quick pace.

Laser-engraving devices that are today provide new opportunities to so many organizations which are out there. A laser engraver machine can engrave phrases or a picture on practically any area, however hard it’s. They can also engrave wording and pictures or see-through surfaces at the same time. Just like a printer or color copier, laser-engraving devices that are new can have wording and pictures uploaded into them. What this means is you could have pictures transferred straight into several of today’s contemporary laser-engraving devices from your Internet.

These excellent engravers are safer to use then and simpler. What this means is that in case you picture folks being “zapped” by them, you’ve nothing to worry about.