New Ford EcoSport Is True Blue

 The SUV segment or just that category seems like the new and the latest avatar of Suburbia s everyone and anyone wants to enter this certain unknown race in this particular category. And maybe that is one of the major reasons why the manufacturers are actually trying to pay more attention or tempt in more and more buyers in the market with very affordable SUVs that are also compact by offering some extra pomp & show features in the car.

Most forms of the Ford EcoSport come typically with a turbocharged 1.0-liter inline-three that gathers 123 hp at 6000 rpm and 125 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm. It works with the front or primary wheels; in the event that you need all-wheel drive, you’re moved up to a non-turbo 2.0-liter inline-four that is useful for 166 hp at 6500 rpm and 149 lb-ft at 4500. The two motors utilize a six-speed programmed.

It conveys two particular powertrains & four trim stages: S, SE, SES, & Titanium. The EcoSport additionally has a one of a kind side-pivoted rear bring forth that can be furnished with a remotely mounted extra tire.

The Exteriors

While there are not many major changes in the exterior, there are some really noteworthy changes. There may be not so many in the exterior, however, the addition of the S variant does bring some additional styling elements with itself adding a smoke finish to the vehicle as well. The facing grille of the car is completely black with all those smoldering grey stripes, the fog light housing is also to be black. The headlamps of the car have also gotten black inserts additional to the tinted glasses & projector lamps.

There are also some changes made in the side profile of the car which include the all-new alloy wheels with a smoldering finish & also black roof rails. As it is told above that ‘S’ is the latest addition to the top-spec trim of Ecosport, it has seventeen inches wheels & the titanium+ will now turn to be coming with the smaller 16-inches wheels. Also, the black color treatment has also shared and reached to the roof along with black glossy paint on the top of the car.


Wellbeing hardware incorporates footing control, move solidness control, 4-wheel antilock circle brakes and a few airbags – including two for the front inhabitants’ knees. The EcoSport hasn’t been crash-tried by any offices inside the car control department in government, yet a comparable program in Europe (EuroNCAP) gave the 2013 model a general score of four stars out of five.

When behind the wheel

In any event, the Ford EcoSport has a regular programmed transmission rather than a usually utilized ceaselessly factor transmission (CVT), which tends to ramble. The driver won’t feel so hesitant to start kick-down to goad the motor on more. What’s more, the two motors will require impelling occasionally. All things being equal, the ride quality is more than adequate.

Lodge space is tight, particularly in the back column. Yet, that may not be an issue, since somebody considering a subcompact hybrid most likely isn’t anticipating transporting a major family around.