Promoting Your Business With Custom Printed T-Shirts

When we think of custom t shirt printing in Singapore, we think of personalised tees for groups of people. Be it a family reunion celebration, a group of athletes or a team of employees, t-shirt prints shine the most in promoting unity. It also serves as an equaliser and a way for organisations and groups to be identified.

However, printed tees are more than just for casual group outings and even fashion. Various businesses and companies can reap benefits and gain an advantage in their competitive industry via printed tees. Since its inception, t-shirts have become a powerful medium and almost a platform for expression and messaging. We’ve seen the Black Lives Matter— a social movement in 2013 and during the 2020 protests, which use slogans, posters and t-shirts to spread the message.

T-shirts allow us to express what we feel and what we want to say when words fail or without saying anything. Tees are more than just for rocking out your casual fashion. Thus, it’s not surprising to see why several businesses invest in personalised custom printed tees and custom company shirts.

How Printed Tees Can Impact Your Business

From multi-international to local startup firms, every company has its face and logo on their product, establishment and employees’ clothes. Without further ado, here are ways how custom printed t-shirts can impact your business:

It’s a walking advertisement

Be it a business, a social or a political movement, there’s no denying how t-shirts become a platform to express your message. Every business thrives through promotion and advertisements, not just in selling products. Getting custom company shirts grants you a quick way to promote and increase brand awareness without paying for expensive billboards, online or TV ads that cost thousands of bucks.

If your business is invited to an exhibitor conference, wearing a custom printed tee with a logo can stand out and influence the audience to know more about your brand.

On some occasions or events, even employees can use these shirts outside of the business to promote your brand. Athletes and actors can wear promotional shirts, and it’s why many companies are spending money to promote their brand via t-shirts.

Increase brand loyalty

High-quality giveaway products (such as custom company shirts with logo prints) help boost brand loyalty. Even for both employees, customers and visitors alike, a well-made giveaway product would often reflect back to the brand—it influences shape perception. The moment you start giving away such items, you are helping them to earn their trust in the brand for a while. Custom tees are your friend when it comes to promotion and brand loyalty.

Serves as a foundation for professionalism

Investing in printed custom company shirts is not just for marketing but for setting up a professional image. Clients want a well-established and ‘professionalism’ look since it evokes a well-reputation and leadership in the industry. It also helps set a positive impression on your brand and company. Therefore, you should consider having your employees dressed up in shirts that showcase your brand.

Why Should Your Business Consider Investing In Printed Tees?


We’ve seen how custom printed tees can impact your business. Let’s move and discuss why your business might need this if you want to gain an advantage in marketing and promotion. Understand every business will need to market and promote its products/services and brand to gain a broader reach to its target audience.

Without further ado, here’s why your business should consider investing in it:

Economical and easy to produce

Custom company shirts with prints aren’t as costly as some think ‘them to be’. Every personalised t shirt in Singapore won’t likely cost you a thousand bucks, and producing a handful of these printed tees won’t take long. It’s cheap, fast and easy—which is likely one of your quick ways to advertise your brand and products. It’s also a cost-effective option, and the process can be swift so long as everything is well thought out, organised and planned.

Broader options

There are many customisation options you can choose for your company tee shirts. Some look for inspiration for corporate designs, and others are driven by creativity to do something unique and one-of-a-kind designs from scratch. The choice is almost nigh-limitless, from colours to catchy phrases and striking simple or complex images. There are so many possibilities for creating custom company shirts, and it’s just about the designs.

There’s also the type of fabric or shirts you’re planning to use for promotion and marketing. You can choose whatever is comfortable, stylish and quality in appearance. The inks and the printing techniques are all up for you to decide.

Lasting promotions

Unlike online and TV commercials, printed promotions and billboards, printed tees offer a longer-lasting promotion to your brand. It outlasts other advertisement mediums since your employees can wear them anytime outside your company and during working hours. It will continue to support and market your brand regardless of time and place.

Versatile use

Custom company shirts can also serve as uniforms inside the company or outside during team building. It helps set connection and establishes belongingness which also helps cultivate team spirit. Your company printed tees can be fashionable if you choose the right shirt type and print design. It has many uses in and out of the business hours.

Final Thoughts

Opting for printed tees has its advantages and can aid your business. It may not be the answer to bringing your business to the top. But it does a fantastic solution for your marketing and promotion needs without spending tons of money.

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