What is a Digital Antenna and Why Do You Need One?

Are you tired of paying for your monthly pay TV bill? With a digital TV antenna, you can watch your favourite shows and movies for free.

Digital TV antennas are available in different sizes and shapes, and each type is designed to meet a specific requirement. Some are unidirectional or narrow-focused while others are multidirectional. There are also those that are tuned for certain geographical challenges and frequency ranges to increase the chance of getting good quality audio and video.

With proper digital TV antenna installation, you can receive free over-the-air television with superb picture and sound quality. Moreover, OTA broadcasts will give you unadulterated HD television because they are free from the signal compressions used by satellite and pay TV  service providers.

Understanding how a TV signal transmission works is the best way to understand how a digital TV antenna works. A TV station transmits a signal that contains its programming in a straight line, known as the line of sight. But if your location is far from the source of transmission, it may not pick up that signal. This is where a digital TV antenna comes into play – it lets your TV pick up the signal provided that it is within range.

As compared to a digital cable where your TV programming is directly sent to your house through a cable, a digital TV antenna will allow you to pick up the signal that local TV stations send out at no cost. The signal is then converted into video and audio information, which is displayed on your TV.

The best thing about using a digital TV antenna is that it offers better picture and audio quality than satellite or cable television. Though you can watch different channels with pay television, the visual information may be compressed. But with OTA broadcasts, the information is completely uncompressed, resulting in a better sounding and looking picture.

5 Reasons to Get a Digital TV Antenna Now

1. Enjoy Free TV

As mentioned, a digital TV antenna allows you to watch free TV, especially the local channels. All you need to pay for is the antenna and its installation. After that, you can watch all available channels in your area at no cost.

Don’t worry about the cost of a digital antenna and its installation because it will still be within a reasonable cost as compared to the monthly bills you’ll have to pay satellite and pay TV providers. Just make sure to work with the most reputable professional installer in your area.

Leading companies into antenna installation and servicing have technicians that are also trained in all aspects of audio-visual services and security systems. They can deliver the assistance you need when you are planning for a home theatre installation project.

2. Superb Visual Quality

Pay TV  providers offer you the option to opt for standard definition or pay more to enjoy high definition. But with a digital TV antenna, you will surely get uncompressed HD. This means that you will be viewing better visual clarity.

But be reminded that an unobstructed view of the towers is necessary for your digital TV antenna to perform at its best. This means that you can only enjoy better sound and visual quality if there are no signal obstructions.

Professional installers will make sure that your antenna is mounted in an area in your house with the strongest signals. And when there are physical obstructions like hedges or trees, you may need to hire professional pruning and hedge trimming services to properly properly prune plants and trim the hedges.

3. Weather-Ready

With cable connections, signals can get knocked out when there is a strong wind or storm, which is frustrating, right? But with a digital TV antenna, you can still have access to your local channels. And this is an excellent way for you to get crucial information to keep your family safe in case of emergencies. It is much like a radio where the frequency is less subject to any interruption and is more reliable.

4. Access to Sub-channels

Every broadcast station will send a signal on a frequency, known as a channel. Generally, this channel provides lots of sub-channels that cable providers don’t offer. This sub-channels also contain additional programming that you and your family can enjoy watching – for free! These include local sports, kids programming, classic movies and TV shows, cooking shows and local news.

5. Significant Cost Savings

Most pay TV service providers will charge you each month so you can get continuous access to local channels. But in reality, these channels should be free. So why should you pay for something that should be available at no cost? By letting a professional install your antenna, you can enjoy significant cost savings in the long run.

So, are you ready to make the switch? Call your trusted professional digital TV antenna installers now.