The expansion is an indication that an entity is growing. This aspect is met with much enthusiasm from members that the committee in charge tends to underestimate the gravity of the matter. Those not in the construction industry or haven’t interacted with one can be somewhat linear and simplistic in their approach to the project. That tends to breed frustration as hitches along the way arise. To avoid or minimize such as scenario, here are tips to consider before the journey.

Is it realistic?

Dreaming big on the project is normal, but is it the feasibility that often grounds it. What you’re able to build, the time it takes and the budget required are items that need adequate planning before the word on the project can spread. You want to share accuratedesigns, a budget,and timeline for everyone involved to be on the loop. Other factors such as small business liability insurance quotes, housing restrictions,and permits also ought to get factored in.

Determine who the point person will be

The owner is perhaps not the best person to run the project as they have other duties that need tending to. Finding a trustworthy and dependable person, preferably someone with prior experience is better placed to handle the construction management. They also ought to be good communicators to keep all parties in the loop. They also ought to quick thinkers to avoid having a project stall awaiting a decision. The person should have the ability to foresee any trouble that looms ahead.

Have a contingency plan

An ideal budget is one that had extra funds allocated for any overages. It is not uncommon for contractors and designers to miss a few things in the initial stages that could prove pricey when the men are on the ground. Keep in mind that such cases are more than likely to happen. There will be changes in costs, likely higher and therefore have a plan and budget in place makes for such allowances. In the same way, should there be a shift in the date of completion, have a backup plan as to how to communicate the change of date especially if branding material was already out.


There are lots of moving parts in a project. Perhaps the best approach is having a meeting with the designer and contractor tounderstand better what to expect. Build a relationship where in case of any questions you’re free to approach them or have the ability to amicably resolve issues.