Expert Catering Tips: Knowing How Much Food is Enough!

Making food for any kind of party can be a little hectic, but especially for a wedding. It can be hard to tell how much food you need. Of course, you don’t want too much, but you also don’t want too little. Even when getting professional food catering in New Zealand such as Gobble, it is still important for you to know how much food would be enough for your guests. So, the question is: How much food do you really need? Well, here are some awesome tips to help plan the best wedding menu.


If you’re still wondering what RSVP stands for, it’s “Répondez s’il vous plaît”. In French it means, “Please respond”, and adding this to the invite will help any party host. It seems that the trend to RSVP is dying out, however it’s more crucial than we’d realize as a guest. So here’s a piece of advice to each:

To the host: Always request people to RSVP on the invitations and make it clear that it is very important. This could be extremely helpful for wedding dinners and other plated meal options where you need to know an exact count.

To the guest: ALWAYS RSVP because it will improve the experience for everyone and reduce the stress level for those planning the wedding. Plus, you wouldn’t want to show up and have no food available for you because you threw off the count, right?


Sometimes appetizers are all you’ll need to ensure everyone is happy. If you’re planning a cocktail party, you won’t need an actual dinner. About 15 appetizers per person (give or take a few) should be sufficient if you’re going to have the appetizers dolled out to your patrons, though you might want to add a bit more per person if they’re going to be serving appetizers “buffet style.”

If you’re planning on a lunch event, about 3 appetizers per guest should do the trick (as long as you follow up with a light meal).

Similarly, if you’re planning a dinner, 3-6 appetizers should be plenty as long as you follow with a light meal.

To cut down on the number of appetizers needed, consider opting for a delicious & filling salad.


Plan to have at least 3 portions of drinks per person for any event. If it is an event that only serves tea and coffee, go for 3 cups per person. For reference, a portion of beverage here is around 350ml.


Whether it is tea, coffee or juice, plan for 2 beverages per person

The main entrée must be a single serving of 150 grams per person

In case you are serving pastries, have 2 pastries per person

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