Porto Portugal – A Local Foodie Guide

People believe Portugal cuisine to be sardines, chouricos and pasteis de nata. Actually, Portuguese food involves salted cod, seafood from Atlantic Coast, smoked meat and cheese varieties and game meat from countryside. Porto is a coastal city in Portugal with landscape including an isolated mountain [Tras-os-Montes], mild ocean side and Duoro Valley.

Porto Food Tour will help you discover and sample the local food landscape. You need to try the genuine Porto food given below.


A tall sandwich, packed with sausages, ham and juicy steak. It is covered with melted cheese and fried egg on top. There is lots of French fries on the side. The Francesinha is unique because of the secret sauce every restaurant uses. It appears like a ‘calorie bomb’ on a plate, so drink some carbonated beverage as it will help with digestion.

Tripas à Moda do Porto

This a more traditional dish than Francesinha. It is a delicious stew including veal cubes, pork stomach, carrots, and white beans. It is served with rice and only some people like the chewy texture. In Porto, Thurday is Tripas day!


Portuguese people don’t eat sardines regularly because it is costly and not available at all times. You can try Açorda, which is a stew inspired from the Arabs cooked with tons of garlic, coriander, thin bread slices, fish and water. At restaurants, Açorda is served boiling hot at the table and mixed with raw egg.


Foreigners adore the famous custard pie – Pasteis de nata but there are other glorious pastries to choose ranging from pumpkins muffins [queques de cenoura], fluffy cake folded like napkin [guardanapos], tender ball with egg cream filling [bolas de berlim], etc.

A former milk producer makes most delicious Éclairs with whipped cream filling. You can get all kinds of toppings ranging from salted caramel and passion fruit to classic dark chocolate and banana mousse. It is just magical!


Coffee invitation In Porto is only given to someone special. If coffee is ordered then expect an espresso, which is served in small porcelain cups. The ritual is to stop other task at hand and enjoy a cup of coffee with or without milk or sugar. Locals never drink their coffee from plastic cups.


Douro Valley, Green Wine region and Port Wine cellars are must visit places to taste mind-blowing wines. Your food tour is incomplete without Portugal wine.