Reader Glasses: What a Person Need to Know

Reading glasses, also called reader glasses, aren’t the same as prescription eyeglasses used to see all day. Reader glasses are for reading close up without trying to make adjustments like placing a product at a distance to read instructions. Before shopping on websites like, it’s important to know some facts about reader glasses.

For instance, there are two types of reading glasses: full frames and half-eyes. Full frames are the glasses where the entire lens is made so the person can see. Half-eyes are reader glasses that are smaller than a full frame. They sit lower on the bridge of the nose. Many people may recognize half-eyes reading glasses as the ones Ben Franklin wore.

Full Reading Glasses are Suitable for Individuals Who Spend Time Looking at Materials

The purpose of full readers is to assist the reader in looking at material closeup. The lens provides a larger field of view for reading tiny print. The disadvantage of full readers is that a person looking across the room or at an object in the distance will see blurry images. The readers are not to see objects or prints at a distance.

Half-Eye Readers are for Individuals Who Don’t Spend Time Reading

Half-eye readers allow an individual to look through and down into the lenses for objects that are closeup. The individual can look up and over the lenses of the readers to see far away. This allows the person to avoid blurry vision while looking into the reading glasses.

What are the Advantage of Custom Made Readers?

Many people stop at their local store to buy readers. They try to match their current vision with the readers’ vision number. This are called ready-made readers. However, readers can be custom made.

Many people will buy reading glasses at a pharmacy or local store to read various objects. The readers are often available in fun styles and at various prices. Custom made readers are usually more expensive than ready-made readers. The biggest advantage is that custom made readers fit a person’s vision. This is a major advantage.

For example, a person may have different vision in both eyes. Readymade readers have the vision strength in both lenses. This may harm a person’s vision if they don’t have the same vision in both eyes. This can cause a person to experience nausea, eye strain and headaches from wearing the wrong lenses.

Readers and Computer Glasses aren’t the Same

It’s important to note that computer glasses are different from readers. Computer glasses are to decrease eye strain. Readers are supposed to help people see small objects such as print on a medicine bottle.

Picking Readers to Improve Vision

A person has a choice between ready-made and custom made readers to temporarily improve their vision. When choosing ready-made readers, always look for defects in the lenses. These defects include bubbles and waves in the lenses. Custom made reading glasses are better for anyone wanting to see small print and other objects.