The funny aspects of the dead baby jokes

There are more than 100 popular dead baby jokes available. Every single joke is violent, disgusting, offensive, and tasteless but for some people they are hilarious. People who do not find them funny are often perplexed and disgusted as to why someone will find them funny. Why does a person find these jokes funny? This is no answer to this question. When one hears a joke, he cannot be sure what exactly is funny.

People who have theories regarding the dark picture of human nature may find them funny. Though some theory may suggest that perverted jokes, racist jokes, and jokes about the dead baby are funny, yet these theories are not perfect. One thing about jokes that explain their hilarity is sending people to rabid hallucinations. When the punchline gets delivered, the minds of people receive shock with something really unexpected. People love jokes when their imaginations make silly images. The hallucinations are not real and therefore, people feel safer regarding the joke, regardless of how awful and how violent are the contents.

What do jokes convey?

Jokes give people an opportunity to take the most terrible and awful things in life and change them into absurdities. When a person tells racist jokes, it does not mean he is a racist. When someone saysa perverted joke, it does not mean that he does subjugate women. Similarly, when someone says dead baby jokes, it does not mean he dislikes babies, alive or dead. Some jokes are funny to some while some are not funny. Some people find offensive jokes not very offensive personally but just absurd words. For others, priests walking into bars, chickens on the road, people knocking on doors, and blonde people are hilarious. Regardless of where the humor lies, do not look down on people who do not laugh.

Inoffensive jokes

For a person who cannot be considered witty, for him learning inoffensive jokes isa must. This may not sound very easy because different things offend different people and there are some who get offended by everything. There must be a place or time for colorful jokes. Colorful jokes must be avoided in workplaces, public meetings, and when you meet a person for the very first time. Common senses play an important role to determine whether a joke can be said safely. If a joke contains offensive language then it should be saved to tell to your friends. Jokes that contain sexual situations too must be avoided at public places.