Understand Winstrol’s Half Life For Accurate Timings And Results

Half-life of Winstrol available in oral and injectable form is a topic of debate. Half life means the length of time Winstrol remains active in the blood system and even how long it takes to get detected in a test.

Obviously, steroid with long life needs to be taken in small dosage once a day. Short life indicates you need to use two to three dosages daily, so that it stays active in your body, all day.

Half life of oral Winstrol and Winstrol Depot differs. It is approximately around 8-12 hours. Oral version stays for 8 hours and its counterpart for 12 hours. Therefore it becomes a necessity to understand the difference prior staring a cycle.

Common misunderstanding is that Winstrol Depot provides less hepato-toxicity than Winstrol pills. It is not true. Both are same. Injectabe version is just suspended in serum for administrating injections safely. Regardless of their difference in half life and delivery method hepatotoxic aspect is same. Therefore needs to be used cautiously.

Dosage recommendation

Winstrol –

As performance boosters – 25 mg to 50 mg [Men] 2.5 mg to 5 mg [Women]

For cutting cycle -50 mg [Men]10 mg [Women]

Timing is crucial

Planning your dose carefully in both delivery methods is crucial. Many users divide their oral version in half and there is a gap of 6 to 8 hours in between their consumption. They ensure to take one dosage half an hour prior their important workout session. Several use the entire dosage before their workout and it gives them a lot of stamina and strength. They take a lot of advantage of these boosting properties.

Injectable Winstrol lasts a few hours longer, therefore once a day is sufficient to take advantage of. Injectable steroids get absorbed rapidly in comparison, so inject 15 minutes prior workouts. Many bodybuilders divide their injection dosage and take one before workouts and the other after a gap.

Pills get absorbed by intestines and then pass the liver before entering the blood stream. So, it needs to be taken half an hour before workouts to feel its effects, whereas injections gets absorbed directly in your bloodstream, so starts it work more rapidly in comparison.

The steroid is a subject to three metabolic functions as soon as it enters the body.

  1. Absorption for proper operation within the system
  2. Degradation or breakdown of chemical structure for evacuation
  3. Elimination or removal from body

Half life of drug means time taken to complete these three metabolic processes. The consumed steroid’s content is dropped down to 50%.

First half life means you are at 50% and second half life indicates you to be at 25% [half of 50%] and third shows you to be at 12.5% until it generally terminates. Even if a drugs active life is ceased effectively detection is possible because metabolites still exist. Oral Winstrol gets detected over 3 week’s period, while Winstrol Depot gets detected over 8 to 9 weeks period.