Does your business already utilize video marketing? If it doesn’t – you need to rethink that, right here and right now. The fact of the matter is that every business regardless of how large or how small should be taking advantage of video marketing, and here’s why:

  • More people watch more videos daily

The statistics for video consumption speaks for itself, and suffice to say more people are watching more videos on a daily basis. On YouTube alone over 500 million hours of videos are watched daily, and 45% of people actually watch over an hour’s worth of videos each between Facebook and YouTube. With so many people watching videos the question you need to ask yourself is: Can your business really afford to not be reaching out to those people?

  • Video is engaging

In comparison to other types of content, video is consistently more engaging. It is able to attract more views, encourage more shares, comments, likes, and generally outperforms text and images in most engagement metrics. For a business engagement is crucial as it can make all the difference to conversion rates, and it is definitely a strong reason to jump on board the video train.

  • ROI is better than you’d expect

One of the main reasons some businesses have steered clear from videos is the fact that it can involve some upfront costs to produce good content. That being said if done right the Return On Investment (ROI) from videos is far better than you’d expect. Keep in mind that in order to be effective videos don’t need to be expensive affairs, and sometimes a more authentic and simple approach works better. In short the investment isn’t as high as you might think, and the returns are definitely worthwhile.

Are you convinced yet? Make no mistake all you really need to start creating videos is a digital camera (or even a smartphone). Of course it would also help if you’re able to use an editor, so that you can compile and maybe tweak your videos a little.

If you’re worried about the editing side of things, you could use Movavi Video Editor. It is a simple and easy to use editor that will let you compile your video footage, trim out the parts you don’t need, and even enhance its quality or fix any issues with it.

On top of that if you want to dig deeper you’ll find Movavi Video Editor has lots of other features you can use to improve your videos as well. It can help you to add audio tracks, insert captions, apply filters, or even utilize special effects like learning how to make a slow motion video.

All in all Movavi Video Editor will make it even easier to create videos than you think – which is yet another reason why you should be seriously considering utilizing video marketing for your business. Considering you now have the tools to create great content, there really should be nothing holding you back.