Using vape pens to quit the toxic habit of smoking – How to go about the process

When you’ve clicked on this post, it can be taken for granted that you’re someone who is eager to quit smoking and take care of your health this New Year. If you’ve been trying on your own to quit smoking, you must have tried having those nicotine patches or gums and got simply irritated within 5 minutes of chewing them. Once you’ve had them, you must have become sure about the fact that these won’t be good enough to help you quit smoking. You must have decided by now that you would love to try your hands at vaping e-cigs as because you must have seen several other people using them and you must have heard their stories of how they have successfully quit smoking through it.

As there is a big selection of vaping gear available in the market, you name the flavour and the type of vape pen you want and you get it! So, if you seem to be interested in using these devices to quit your habit of smoking, here’s how you should do it.

Determine whether you can actually quit smoking with e-cigs

It is rather easy to quit smoking with e-cigs as the process involves weaning yourself away from the addiction of nicotine. Nicotine is the main addictive substance and it is due to nicotine that you feel like smoking another cigarette once you finish having one. It is almost similar to drug addiction. When you first start vaping and you buy one for yourself, you will tend to choose the one with the highest nicotine strength. This is the phase when you’ll appreciate the nicotine as you’re trying to wean yourself out of it.

Are you comfortable for the next step?

Now that you’ve been vaping for some time and you’re totally comfortable with it, this is the time to gradually drop the level of nicotine. Though this is a scary thought, yet you have to do it. Gradually lower the strength of nicotine and get the taste of lighter tobacco cigarettes. At the beginning, you may find yourself getting agitated with it but within a couple of months, you’ll get used to it.

This way, you’ll get to know when you should hit the lowest strength of nicotine. Then will come a time when you can comfortably leave your e-cig or vape pen back at home when you go out. You will gradually lower the reliance that you’ve had with nicotine and with tobacco altogether. This way you can welcome a new and healthy life in 2019.