Voopoo Electronic Cigarette Coils

Voopoo is one of the more recently established vaping brands, but its coils boast impressive quality. Not only are they easy to swap out, but their PnP pod switching system works surprisingly well, too – which means your batteries will last long at recommended wattages!

These coils are compatible with a range of Voopoo devices, such as the Drag X Pod Mod kit, Drag S Pod Mod kit, and Argus GT kit. They offer an economical and convenient alternative to other pod-based systems.

PnP Coils

คอยล์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า Voopoo offers an easy way to customize the flavor and vapor production of your electronic cigarette. These “Plug ‘n Play” coil heads boast organic cotton wick material with anti-leaking and anti-spillback protection for added convenience.

The PnP-VM1 Mesh Coil at 0.3ohms is ideal for Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping and produces great-tasting flavor with satisfactory vapor production. Alternatively, the 0.2ohm PnP-VM5 Mesh Coil can be used between 40-60W, compatible with Drag S & X Kits, as well as working well with nic salts like the PnP-TM1 and PnP-TM2. Pair this device perfectly with the latest Argus Pod Kit for an all-around flavor and cloud experience.

VM Coils

Voopoo electronic cigarette coils come in a range of resistances, giving you the choice of styles to suit any vaping preference.

The VM series of coils feature a mesh construction, which allows more e-liquid to be heated with each puff for improved vapor and flavor production. These coils can be used for Direct to Lung (DTL) inhales and work at various wattages.

These coils come in multiple ohms and can be used with various Voopoo devices, such as the Argus GT, Drag S, Drag X, and Virgo VINCI R Kit.

TTP Coils

Voopoo TTP Coils have become a go-to item within the vaping community due to their new, patented technology, which increases surface area and heats up faster. Furthermore, this improves atomization efficiency, allowing each device to produce more vapor while improving flavor.

Voopoo TPP Pod Tank coils are compatible with two resistances – 0.15 ohms (TPP-DM1) and 0.2 ohms (TPP-DM2). Both coils feature mesh heating elements to deliver even and rapid heat for improved e-liquid flavor.

RTA Coils

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) Coils are a popular choice among cloud chasers and those seeking more control over their vaping experience. These devices allow you to construct your own coils and wicks, saving money on e-liquid purchases while avoiding the “burnt sugar” flavor that comes from dirty coils.

These coils are typically constructed with kanthal wire and cotton, though there are plenty of other wicking materials to choose from. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on what works best with your style of vaping.