The current generation is arguably more aware of what they eat than any that have come before them. But while it might sound frivolous to have a company fruit budget, it does actually make sound business sense to look after the health of your workforce. Those who don’t care about what they eat can be affected by ill-health and poor performance, which both have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Although it may only play a small part in creating a happy, healthy workforce, providing your team with a regular supply of fresh fruit shows just how seriously you take employee health and wellbeing. Gaining a reputation for looking after your staff can never be a bad thing. Not only does it help you retain key workers but it will also improve your chances of attracting the best talent in the first instance.

The impact of fresh fruit on mood

A company called Fruitful Office recently conducted research into the impact a regular supply of fruit in a workplace can have, and its findings are surprising. The research found that simply providing employees with fresh fruit could have some very powerful effects.

A staggering 79 percent of staff said that having a paid-for supply of fresh fruit made them feel more valued by their employer, while 80 percent of the employers who responded to the survey claimed that the simple addition of fruit improved the quality of life in their offices.

How does fresh fruit affect performance?

But as well as improving the general mood and motivation levels of staff, research has also shown that fruit can give productivity levels a boost too. A study carried out by a health and wellbeing consultancy found that a healthy employee is up to 20 percent more productive than an unhealthy employee. With research showing that British employers are losing an average of 27.5 days of productive time per employee, per year, due to unhealthy staff, this is certainly one perk many businesses will take notice of.  

As well as reducing the costs associated with absenteeism and illness, the natural sugars in fruit also allow employees to perform at their best, helping them think faster and remain alert for longer. That avoids the slump that often follows the sugar dump associated with other snack foods.

The health benefits of eating more fresh fruit

We spend much of our lives at work, in fact, around 60 percent of our waking hours, so this is a great chance to top up on the healthy foods while we can. But regularly eating fresh fruit at work can provide benefits that reach far beyond the office environment.

In fact, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables is the second most important thing we can do to reduce our likelihood of getting cancer after giving up smoking. For each portion of fruit eaten daily, there is also an extra level of protection against having a stroke.

As well as the health benefits associated with eating more fruit, every item of fruit we eat is also likely to be one fewer packet or crisps of chocolate bar we buy from the vending machine. So, we are also reducing the potential damage those other unhealthy snacks can cause.   

Does your workplace provide a supply of fresh fruit? If so, if this a perk you value and why? Please share your thoughts with our readers in the comments below.