What to Look for in a Roommate in Mumbai

With the advent of heavy urbanisation, most of the young workforce of the nation is shifting towards urban areas, mainly concentrated around a few cities, like Bangalore, Mumbai and the Delhi. Chances are, most of us would be required to stay in a city like Mumbai at some point in our young life.

This is when the next problem arises- accommodation. Finding accommodation in a large city like Mumbai used to be notoriously difficult, but it has been made easier with services like Nestaway. However, let’s take a look at a few qualities which you have to look for in your roommate, whether you stay in a single room or an apartment on rent in Mumbai.


This is the most crucial quality your prospective roommate needs to have. It is said that finding a roommate is just like dating, but only more intimate. Your roommate in your flat for rent in Mumbai is going to be around you at your worst, so you need to ensure that the person you choose is trustworthy.


Whether you stay as a PG in Thane West or in a 1bhk on rent in Mumbai, you are definitely going to have a lot of disagreements with your roommate. A respectful person listens to your arguments in a civilised manner, without blowing up unnecessarily for the smallest reason. A respectful roommate can not only avoid unnecessary arguments, but usually grows to be one of the closest people in your life.


Your roommate and you are in charge of taking care not only of a house, but also of each other. If the person is cooperative, you can count on him to be willing to compromise, and work earnestly towards a solution. To build this cooperative mentality, you can talk to him about you commonalities and differences before you move in together. This gives you an idea of how much compromise you will be required to make.

Friendly and Patient

Patience is a virtue. Nobody wants to live with someone who gets angry or stressed out at the smallest things, like an unmade bed or a full sink. So look for patience in prospective roommates, and your life in the 2bhk flat on rent in Mumbai will be smoother than anticipated. Also, if the person is friendly, it is a clear bonus. Not only do you get a healthy living environment, but you also have the opportunity to gain a friend who will stay with you through thick and thin.


Compatibility is something that cannot be forced, so the importance of this point is paramount. You need to see if your personalities are conflicting, or compatible enough for a healthy, working relationship before moving in together.

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