Does Sex During Periods Cause Pregnancy/White Discharge?


It is not at all “dirty” to have sex while you are on your period. Even if you feel a bit queasy, nothing to worry about. However, it occasionally becomes dirty or uncomfortable. The good news is that menstrual blood functions as a natural lubricant, which enhances the pleasure of intercourse. Additionally, there are a few advantages to period sex, including a reduction in cramps, an increase in sex drive, shorter periods, and a reduction in headaches. However, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis and HIV, make sure you use condoms when having period sex with your partner.

Is having sex while on your period safe?

Absolutely safe to have sex while on your period, yes. No harm can come to a man or his penis from period blood. There is hence no cause for concern. Orgasms experienced during period sex also ease menstrual cramps. But even if you have sex while on your period, think about wearing protection at all times.

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Can Pregnancy Be Caused by Sex During Periods?

Yes, although it’s less likely to happen, having intercourse during your period can result in pregnancy. When the egg is released during ovulation, rather than during your period, this may occur. Also keep in mind that since sperm can live in your reproductive system for up to 5 days, you can even become pregnant during unprotected period intercourse. Therefore, the sperm from ejaculation may remain inside your reproductive system and may fertilize the egg if ovulation takes place even if you engage in unprotected sex during menstruation.

What Advantages Do Periods sex Have?

  • A shorter period of time

Sexual activity boosts the uterus’s ability to contract, causing its contents to drain more quickly and reducing the menstrual cycle.

  • Booster for Sex

According to study, the increased ovarian steroid release that occurs after ovulation and menstruation boosts women’s desire for sexual activity. It was discovered that lower amounts of steroidal hormones secreted during periods cause postmenopausal women’s sexual desires to decline.

  • Reduced Pain

According to a survey, 84.1% of women reported menstrual discomfort and cramps, and 43.1% of those women said they experienced both every period. Sexual activity during your menstruation may ease your cramps.

  • Improves Your Mood

A hormone released during intercourse is oxytocin. According to study, oxytocin helps to sustain social relationships and controls stress levels in the body. It is a potential natural remedy that is created during sex and aids in the prevention of psychiatric disorders. So, having sex while you’re on your period is a healthy method to improve your mood.


Unless you are uncomfortable or the experience makes you feel queasy, having sex while on your period feels amazing. Otherwise, having sex while on your period is not improper or embarrassing. Additionally, it has some benefits, such as reducing menstruation cramps and boosting sex desire. If you and your partner feel comfortable trying out period sex, go for it. Sex is absolutely safe during the period. For more suggestions you can have a talk to us at Chaa Jaa.