Give Your Back A Rest With Lumbar Belt

According to a medical study, around 60–80% of adults experience lower back pain. This lower back pain could result from numerous reasons, like bad posture, a lack of physical movement, injuries, improper lifting, etc. Whatever the reason, one thing we can all agree on is that it is the worst pain.


You feel like you’re 80 years old in your 20s when you have lower back pain! The vast majority of back pain arises from lumbar pain. In addition to stabilising the upper body, the lumbar vertebrae control leg movements. Therefore, you must provide adequate support for the lumbar spine to live a healthy life and keep moving comfortably.


One of the best and most reliable ways to take care of lower back pain is through lumbar belts. An orthopaedic lumbar support belt supports the back muscles and relieves back pain caused by muscle spasms, strains, injuries, and sprains, among other things. Here are some of the reasons why lumbar belts are the need of the hour and should be used by everyone: 

Corrects Postural Deformity

A lumbar belt maintains the spinal cord in its normal anatomical position, which aids in the reduction of postural or back deformities. The back pain can be reduced by practising correct posture.

Reduces Muscle Stress

Physical activities like heavy lifting stretch the muscles and result in acute back pain. Thus, one must wear a lumbar belt while exercising to prevent backache, as it keeps the vertebral column in proper alignment despite the heavy movements.

Stimulates Muscle Receptors

The texture of a lumbar belt stimulates muscle receptors. It ensures controlled compression, allows back mobilisation, and helps heal damaged soft tissues.

Increases Working Capacity

Through its firm support, a back brace increases your working capacity. It reduces the chances of getting back pain by working long hours; thus, you can focus and work more without worries!

How to Choose the Right Lumbar Belt?

The market is filled with thousands of lumbar belt options, all claiming to be the best for you! How can one decide which is the right fit and which would help with your back pain problem? Here are some tips that’ll help you choose the right lumbar brace for you:

  • Ensure that the lumbar support belt is scientifically designed. It is advisable to go for ABS splints that reinforce good posture.
  • When purchasing a back support belt, go for a skin-friendly, breathable belt. The material should be durable and easy to maintain.
  • Since lumbar belts are medical equipment, choose the one that is trusted and recommended by orthopaedics.

How to Measure for a Lumbar Belt?

You must order the correct size of the lumbar belt; otherwise, it may lead to more discomfort and pain. Follow this three-step guide to find your ideal size for a lumbar brace: 

  • Stand straight and exhale.
  • Wrap a measuring tape above the hip bone.
  • Lightly hold the measuring tape against the body and note down the measurements. 

We hope this article can help you in choosing the right lumbar belt. You can also buy one from Vissconext at a great price!