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Over time, there has been a significant change in how we consume information, particularly news. The nightly news broadcast, radio, and newspapers have all been disrupted by social media.

The popularity of news podcasts is rising everywhere. These have given voice to journalism that deviates from the norm and incorporates captivating storytelling, individualised accounts, and in-depth commentary. The best method to enhance news broadcasts is via podcasts. 

The websites of the station host videos of their regular newscasts, and podcasts can provide additional in-depth information about some of the week’s biggest stories. The timing and format of the audience’s news consumption are entirely up to them.

You can rely on ET Play to provide in-depth, objective news coverage. Individuals frequently use the ET Play newspaper, website, and mobile app when finding important updates.

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Senior Correspondent With ET Play, Dia Rekhi. 

Rekhi is from Tamil Nadu and has worked for ET Play for more than seven years. She has worked on several intriguing businesses, technology, media, and money topics. She has published a lot of writing on these subjects, providing insightful analysis of difficult problems.

Rekhi has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Stella Maris College and a postgraduate certificate in print journalism from the Asian College of Journalism. After earning her PG diploma in 2015, she started working for ET Play.

Rekhi likes to experiment with current issues, giving comprehensive and in-depth coverage of her beats, as seen from her author profile in ET Play.

Rekhi hosts The Morning Brief with the ET Play podcasts, which are well-liked for their thorough research and casual style. 

Popular Articles By Dia Rekhi From ET Play:

Rekhi has written in-depth pieces on various topics, such as cybersecurity, India’s tech policy, and WhatsApp’s decision to block over 23 million Indian accounts. Her stories stand out owing to their all-encompassing perspectives, which show the extensive research Rekhi does before starting any of her stories.

Rekhi’s stories are well-researched and thoroughly analysed from different viewpoints. It perfectly encapsulates the unbiased perspective of ET Play, and this highlights the saying that every story has two sides.

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